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Bob Milligan sent me a photo of a plat map which he found hanging in the Lincoln Branch of the Alcona County Library. I found this old plat map hanging at the Lincoln branch library a few months ago.  Finally got around to taking a photo of it. Quite interesting. There is no date but […]

While working on the Jack family information from Bob Milligan, I noticed that Lillian Victoria (Doyle) Jack was in a number of the photos, and posted an update on the lonsbydoyle yahoo group. Much to my delight, there were also a dozen old photos of the Jack family, posted on that board by a relative […]

Last year, in early December, I found a book in the dollar bin at the Brattle Book Store. I noticed that there was a name written neatly in the front of the book, Henrietta Shaw, March 1909. Knowing that the book was headed for the dumpster as its very next stop, I “rescued” it, and […]