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Bob Milligan sent me a photo of a plat map which he found hanging in the Lincoln Branch of the Alcona County Library. I found this old plat map hanging at the Lincoln branch library a few months ago.  Finally got around to taking a photo of it. Quite interesting. There is no date but […]

One of the photos I have in the family photo album was labeled “Orville S Cade”. There was no information on Orville or the Cade family in any of the documents I inherited. I finally placed Orville S Cade on my tree. His wife was Susan McLellan, first cousin to Lizzie McLellan Ritchie, who ties […]

I met a new relative today, Anne Reeves, who helped me fix and flesh out the branch of Joseph Reeves. She was able to help me fix the name of Phineas Reeves, and to fill out her ancestors up through Joseph. The Reeves come into my tree through the Conklins, which eventually touch my Hastings. […]

While in Florida last week, I looked through the family bible my father has in his house. It turns out it is not the Johnson family bible as we thought, but Frederick O Teeple and Eliza Jane (Hastings) Teeple’s family bible.

Chris Finkbeiner, related through the Hastings, responded to an old post today, and got the Finkbeiners a little deeper. Some new people and census sheets. Thanks, Chris. Jerry Milo Johnson to Chris Finkbeiner

Met a couple nice relatives from the Byce family. I’ve added their first information to the Byce and Vennard trees, and hope to work more on these lines this week.

Met and exchanged emails with Bob Ferrett and Don Ferrett, related through the Hastings. They sent a great picture of Robert and Mary Ann Hastings at their log cabin, with information about where the farm was. Great stuff. Still hoping to get permissions to post that image. UPDATE: Got permission!