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I use a program to display my online family tree called TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Software). It is a dynamic website that displays information and photos about people from a database (rather than the “old-fashioned” approach of static html files for every page). I was reminded this weekend that there is a great […]

For all of us data geeks, this is a big event. From an press release: The National Archives and Records Administration will open the 1940 U.S. Federal Census on April 2, 2012—the first time this collection will be made available to the public. I started looking into my family history in about 2008, so […]

On one of my genealogy mailing lists, a fellow researcher mentioned creating a wordle surname cloud. I modified my surname listing page that lists all of my direct ancestor surnames, and fed the output into the editor at Here is the word cloud it created. Visually appealing. Not sure if it has a practical […]

The following is a complete list of all my known direct ancestor surnames to date. This is not yet an automated list. I had to build it by hand, and parked it here. Hopefully in the future, I can create a dynamic report which could include the number of ancestors that shared each surname, and […]

Bob Milligan sent me a photo of a plat map which he found hanging in the Lincoln Branch of the Alcona County Library. I found this old plat map hanging at the Lincoln branch library a few months ago.  Finally got around to taking a photo of it. Quite interesting. There is no date but […]

These are books I’ve had for a while, but which I never cataloged. If anyone needs lookups or scans from these or any books, just let me know. I have also added these books to my genealogy book catalog. Table of contents and cover scans to follow. Periodicals Harper’s New Monthly Magazine No CCCIV September […]

Phil Panknin was kind enough to share a photo of his grandparents. This is a photo of my great grand-uncle Albert August Panknin (1891-1967) and his wife Anna Panknin (1890-1944). It was taken on September 14, 1943, the year before Anna died. Albert was born in Merean Weide, Germany, but raised his family in Alpena […]