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This photo is a class photo from the Johnson Schoolhouse, School District No 4, Haynes Township, Alcona County, Michigan in 1910. The photo is in an old family photo album¬†owned by¬†Milo Napier Johnson, of Haynes and Harrisville. The photo was taken by Fred Card. When I was back in Harrisville in 2003, we toured all […]

Happy birthday. Once again sister you are only 2 years younger than me. I will correct this injustice! As always, Love You!

Album 2 from Milo Johnson house. All finished.

45 images in new photo album from Milo Johnson house. The start of the third photo album from Milo Johnson house in Harrisville. Johnsons, Teeples, Hastings, Merkels,Tates

Grandma White


Grandma White Start of a photo album of Masters side of the family