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I finally connected my mom’s family tree to my dad’s family tree. The breakthrough was following mom’s Clevelands back to the Mayflower, when I noticed some Doanes/Doans suddenly appear. Sure enough, they were the same Doans related to my dad’s Teeple line. And since it is close to Valentine’s Day, and since I love my […]

One of the photos I have in the family photo album was labeled “Orville S Cade”. There was no information on Orville or the Cade family in any of the documents I inherited. I finally placed Orville S Cade on my tree. His wife was Susan McLellan, first cousin to Lizzie McLellan Ritchie, who ties […]

My great aunt Marian Johnson married David Paul Merkel, stretching the Johnson clan down the coast into Oscoda. Marian’s story about how she met David Merkel is wonderful, and hopefully is part of her written legacy. Today I was thinking about Marian, and decided to start looking for information about the Merkels on To […]

While working on the Jack family information from Bob Milligan, I noticed that Lillian Victoria (Doyle) Jack was in a number of the photos, and posted an update on the lonsbydoyle yahoo group. Much to my delight, there were also a dozen old photos of the Jack family, posted on that board by a relative […]

Bob Milligan over a month ago shared with me his research into his Jack ancestors, starting all the way back with James Jack. I finally finished integrating it into my tree. Of course, I first hand-entered all of the people from a PDF descendancy report, before reading the next message that included an importable gedcom. […]

I met a new relative today, Anne Reeves, who helped me fix and flesh out the branch of Joseph Reeves. She was able to help me fix the name of Phineas Reeves, and to fill out her ancestors up through Joseph. The Reeves come into my tree through the Conklins, which eventually touch my Hastings. […]

I was looking for my ancestor Robert Johnson on, hoping for some new records or documents to add to my collection. My search returned a family tree for the Flanagan family, which had Robert Johnson and Jane Mary Storey through the Schorer/Towner/Johnson branch. I walked the Schorer tree using DM (Flanagan) Doyle’s tree and […]