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The Connecticut Historical Society Manuscript blog has a great collection of old manuscripts and photos. They have been adding new content since 2007, and there is a LOT of material in there. The site highlights new additions to their physical archives, and does a great job explaining why each document is so important to our […]

I have been using Legacy Family Tree software by Millenia for the last 6 years. I was very happy with the software, and understood it very well. 2 years ago I switched both work and home computers to Macs, which presented a problem in that Legacy does not offer a Macintosh version. I solved this […]

I would love to create a chart to display how one person is related to another. The problem with most versions I have seen is that the names make the chart way too wide, or force the chart to be in a horizontal format. I want a one glimpse overview that shows me the relationship. […]

A Van Alstyne relative posted a question on my guestbook, wondering about the sourcing of the information about the William H Van Alstine and Martha (Johnson) Van Alstine family. Jerry, I think there are errors on the Van Alstyne Family Tree section. Compare my family tree to yours: I think the death reports of William […]

These are books I’ve had for a while, but which I never cataloged.  If anyone needs lookups or scans from these or any books, just let me know. I have also added these books to my genealogy book catalog.  Table of contents and cover scans to follow. Proceedings of the Bunker Hill Monument Association     […]

Last year, in early December, I found a book in the dollar bin at the Brattle Book Store. I noticed that there was a name written neatly in the front of the book, Henrietta Shaw, March 1909. Knowing that the book was headed for the dumpster as its very next stop, I “rescued” it, and […]

I programmed a new feature into my website (it is called a “mod”) to plot the events in a person’s life on a map. Check out any person, and you will see a map with a pin at the location of each major event in a person’s lifetime. Here are a few examples: My grandpa […]