Military Service on my tree


I use a program to display my online family tree called TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Software).

It is a dynamic website that displays information and photos about people from a database (rather than the “old-fashioned” approach of static html files for every page).

I was reminded this weekend that there is a great report section, allowing easy creation of reports from the databases on a variety of topics.

I remembered that I have a report called “Military Service“, that lists all of the people in my database that have served in the military.

Unfortunately, I have done a poor job identifying and tracking those people who have served. (For example, my dad isn’t listed, and he retired from the Navy after more than 20 years of service).

First, I need to use a standard convention for tracking the “event” of military service (I have been using a mixture of about 7 different events).

Second, I need help finding out from my cousins and aunts who they can remember.

Third, I am going to use Fold3 and to look up older relatives’ data.

If you know of anyone who served in our military (or in any government service), please let me know.


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