The Founders of Hartford, Connecticut


Although we were a Navy family, and moved often when I was a kid, I consider Ledyard, Connecticut my home town.

In school, in Boy Scouts, and in my spare time I learned about the history of Connecticut, and its founding. It still fascinates.

My best friend Noel’s mom was a State Rep, and she often took us to Hartford with her while she worked.

On the way into Hartford along Rt 2, we traveled over “The Founders Bridge“, which always impressed me with its link to history and grand-sounding name.

The Founders Bridge

The Founders Bridge, Rt 2, Hartford, CT (wikipedia)

It turns out that 7 of the 163 men and women considered to be The Founders of Hartford are my direct ancestors.

Founders Monument in the Old Burial Ground (

Founders Monument in the Old Burial Ground (

The 163 people are considered the founders, as they are listed in the Book of Distribution of Land as those who settled in Hartford before February 1640.

There is an interest group called The Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford, which I had a brief thought to join, but the $300 dollar fee is steep, and the requirement of “is of good moral character and good reputation” (although I believe I qualify) is off-putting.



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