Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957), American writer


Laura Ingalls Wilder was born Laura Elizabeth Ingalls near Pepin Wisconsin on February 7, 1867, deep in the “Big Woods”.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

She is most known for her Little House on the Prairie books. Anyone who grew up in the 1970s spent untold hours on the frontier of her youth with the Ingalls family, living with “Half Pint” through her trials and tribulations.

The books were based on her experience in Kansas, when her father was an illegal squatter on the Osage Indian Reserve, with no moral or legal right to his land and farm.

Little House on the Prairie cover

She is my 8th cousin 5 times removed through our shared ancestor Edmund Ingalls.

Jerry Milo Johnson to Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder


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  1. Hi! I am also related to you somehow then. I can trace our family back to England through Edmund Ingalls but maybe more correctly through his brother. I will need to review and do more research and my father, Earl Ingalls, Jr. , has more information as well. There is an Ingalls Facebook page with some of his comments.

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