John Gordon Saxton (1857-1951), Landscape Painter


John Gordon Saxton was a landscape painter, mainly known for his pastoral landscapes.

John Gordon Saxton landscape

He was a deaf mute who attended the Gallaudet School for the Deaf in Washington DC.  He studied under Jules Lefebvre and Tony Robert-Fleury in France, and had a painting accepted at the Paris Salon. Later he returned to the United States, living in Seaford and Westport, Connecticut, Brooklyn New York, and on Long Island.

He was featured at the San Francisco Panama-Pacific Exhibition 1915, and had his artwork was shown at an exhibition at the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard.

John Gordon Saxton - Sailing Off of Egg Rock, Nahant, 1887

John Gordon Saxton was my 7th cousin 6 times removed.

Jerry Milo Johnson to John Gordon Saxton


One Response to “John Gordon Saxton (1857-1951), Landscape Painter”

  1. 1 Merritt Stigen

    I have a Landscape painting with the Saxton name in the lower right corner. Any idea if any of his paintings have any value

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