Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect


In junior high and high school, I took drafting classes, and fell in love with the art of drafting. In advanced drafting classes we dabbled in architectural drawing, and I was hooked. I briefly held the hope that I would someday become an architect. Ever since, I have read voraciously about architecture, and spend hundreds of hours a year designing and sketching buildings that will never be built.

I love the art and science of buildings. I love architecture.

For me, the man sitting at the pinnacle of architecture is Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright

I am lucky enough to have had 2 close friends that are graduates of Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture). Thank you Ari and Michael, and thank you Deb for introducing us.

Possibly my favorite memory ever are a few days I spent at Taliesin West, working with the Foundation on their branding and website, and getting a true behind-the-scenes tour of the buildings and the culture.

My favorite building is his famous Fallingwater


He was not always a good man. But he was without a doubt a great man.

I felt honored to read his words and see his works. Sitting at his own desk in his house was humbling. Holding his personal leather plan case was thrilling.

Finding out we share a common ancestor is pretty cool.

Frank Lloyd Wright was my 7th Cousin 5 times removed

Jerry Milo Johnson to Frank Lloyd Wright


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