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Thomas Alva Edison is perhaps the iconic inventor and scientist. He was awarded over 1000 U.S. patents in his name, including the light bulb, moving pictures, and DC current. He was my 8th cousin 5 times removed, though our common ancestor Edward Ogden. Jerry Milo Johnson to Thomas Alva Edison Advertisements

In junior high and high school, I took drafting classes, and fell in love with the art of drafting. In advanced drafting classes we dabbled in architectural drawing, and I was hooked. I briefly held the hope that I would someday become an architect. Ever since, I have read voraciously about architecture, and spend hundreds […]

The following is a complete list of all my known direct ancestor surnames to date. This is not yet an automated list. I had to build it by hand, and parked it here. Hopefully in the future, I can create a dynamic report which could include the number of ancestors that shared each surname, and […]