Aaron Burr (1756-1836), 3rd Vice President of the United States of America


Although Aaron Burr was Thomas Jefferson’s Vice President, he is probably better knows as the man who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

In the election of 1800, he actually tied Thomas Jefferson with 73 electoral votes, sending the election to the House of Representatives, taking 36 ballots to finally choose Jefferson as the 3rd President of the United States of America, giving Burr the Vice Presidency.

His father, Aaron Burr Sr was the cofounder and second President of Princeton University.

He holds the distinction of being the only serving Vice President indicted for murder, was later tried (and acquitted) for treason, and is the only ex-Vice President to be captured by the enemy during wartime.

Trial of Aaron Burr

He founded the Bank of the Manhattan Company, which later became Chase Manhattan Bank, then Chase Bank, and now JP Morgan Chase.

He was my first cousin 8 times removed through our common ancestor Daniel Burr.

He was also my 12th cousin 4 times removed through Rev. Thomas Hooker.

Jerry Milo Johnson to Vice President Aaron Burr


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