Samuel Adams (1722-1803), signer of the Declaration of Independence


Samuel Adams was an influential Patriot, advocating early and publicly for the American colonies to throw off the yoke of Britain. In 1768 he wrote the Circular Letter which called the taxes of the Townsend Act illegal due to the lack of representation. In response to the adopting of this Letter by the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the British moved in occupying troops, which in turn led directly to the Boston Massacre, and eventually the American Revolution.

Samuel Adams 1772 by John Stuart Copley

He continued to be active in anti-British causes, and attended the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1774.

He was the 3rd Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts under John Hancock, and the 4th Governor of Massachusetts, and President of the Massachusetts Senate.

Abigail Cleveland, my 2nd cousin 9 times removed married John Adams, 2nd cousin of Samuel Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and famous beer guy.

Jerry Milo Johnson to Declaration Signer Samuel Adams


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