Moses Cleveland (1620-1702), my first Cleveland ancestor to come to America


Moses Cleveland, born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 1620, was the first of my Cleveland ancestors to immigrate to America from England.

He took passage for America from London, arriving in Massachusetts in 1635.

He is documented as being a ship’s carpenter’s apprentice, although just 11 years old, hired on in London to join the crew on a ship to America, upon which he “worked his passage”.

He was apprenticed to a joyner (joiner), who is not named in source documents but is thought to have been his father-in-law Edward Winn. According to the history books, ‘he went to Woburn with his master’.

He setted in Woburn in 1641, and spent the rest of his life and died there. All of his children were born in Woburn.

Admitted as a freeman in 1643, he was granted land at Woburn 1648, and is listed on the militia roll for Woburn in 1663.

He made his living as a joyner, for both ships and houses.

He is my 10th great grandfather.

Jerry Milo Johnson to Moses Cleveland


2 Responses to “Moses Cleveland (1620-1702), my first Cleveland ancestor to come to America”

  1. 1 Cathy Brown

    I’m researching my family history and I find Moses was my 7th great grandfather. I would love to find out what ship he came to America on.
    From your notes should I be looking on passenger lists for Edward Winn?
    I’ve searched many and haven’t found him. Our family began in Dartmouth,MA where did yours begin? If you find the ships name would you share?
    It’s one of those tidbits I’d like to include in our history. Thanks!

    Cathy (Cleveland) Brown

  2. 2 Bonnie Klems

    Enjoyed your web site. I am a descendant of Moses Cleveland, Martha Allen Carrier, and Sarah Carrier Chapman Johnson. It was with great interest I read the novels based on the life of the Carrier’s The Wolves of Andover and The Heretic’s Daughter.

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