George Hull (1590-1659)


George Hull was my 10th great grandfather.  He came from England to Massachusetts among the very first settlers.

George Hull, the immigrant ancestor, was the second brother, and was born in Crewperne, Somersetshire, England, in 1590. He sailed from Plymouth, Devonshire, March 30, 1629, in the ship “Mary and John,” Captain Squeb. He settled in Dorchester, where he was made a freeman, March 4, 1632, and a representative for the town to the first great and general court held in the colony, May 14, 1634. He was also a member of the first board of selectmen of Dorchester, and in 1633 and 1634 was appointed “to fix the rate.” He appears to have been allotted two acres from the “Common,” and later the meadow that “lyes before his doore – down to the sea, making a sufficient passage that way.” In 1636 he removed to Windsor, Connecticut. He was a surveyor by profession, and surveyed both Windsor and Wethersfield. He was a representative to the general court which met at Hartford in 1637 and declared war on the Pequot Indians. Some time after 1646 he removed to
Fairfield, and was again representative to the general court of
Connecticut for a great many terms. He was a personal friend and political adherent of Governor Roger Ludlow. He had come from England with him in the same ship, moved with him to Windsor, and jointly with him obtained from the general court of 1638 a monopoly of the beaver trade on the Connecticut river. He also followed him to Fairfield, and in 1651, 1653 and 1654 was appointed by the governor as associate magistrate for the towns by the seaside. His first wife is supposed to
have been Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Russell. The latter made his will January 28, 1640, proved October, 1640, and in it names “wife Jane and only child, Elizabeth Hull.” She died about 1646, and he married, after 1654, Sarah, widow of David Phippen, of Boston. Another authority gives as his wife, Thamzen, daughter of Robert Mitchell, of Stockland, England. He died 1659, aged about seventy years. He is described as public-spirited, active and intelligent, and as legislator and magistrate was instrumental in establishing two of the
free and enlightened commonwealths of New England, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Cotton Mather distinguished him with a place in his great book, and also places his brother Joseph in his First Classis, or List of First Good Men. The inventory of his estate and that of his widow were presented on the same day, August 25, 1659, and his will was admitted to probate, October 20, 1659.

New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the
achievements of her people in the making of commonwealths and the
founding of a nation

By William Richard Cutter
Published by Lewis historical publishing company, 1913
Pg 1183

It turns out the ship actually sailed in 1630, not 1629. And it was
considered part of the Winthrop Fleet, although it preceded
the fleet by a few weeks.

“The Mary and John 1630, landed in what is now know as Dorchester,
Massachusetts, on 30 May 1630, two weeks before the Winthrop Fleet
arrived. The passengers of the Mary and John 1630 founded one of the
first towns in New England, Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630 and also
founded the town of Windsor, Connecticut five years later in 1635.”

He was a Puritan, but not a Pilgrim.

Mary and John 1630

Mary and John 1630

Among other interesting notes for George Hull, he helped set the form
of representative government that is so recognizably American. As part
of the “1633 Dorchester Agreement“, he helped set the idea that a
small group of selected or elected representatives would form the
backbone of American governance.

Pretty cool.

Jerry Milo Johnson to George Hull


3 Responses to “George Hull (1590-1659)”

  1. 1 Carole

    Hi Jerry – George HULL 1590-1659 is my 9th Great Grandfather. His 4th Great Granddaughter, was Catherine HULL, whose father was Samuel HULL.
    Catherine b 1800, Samuel b 1755, George 1724,, George 1678, Joseph 1616, Josiah 1616, George 1590. Catherine married my 3rd Great Grandfather Oliver Uriah GATES.
    Interesting history! I live in Canada.

  2. I’m attempting to find information on my ancestor SAMUEL HULL, born 1758 in Woodbury, CT. could your Samuel, Catherine’s brother, possibly be him?

    Thomas M. Hull, born 06-17-1942 I would be 6th generation downline.

  3. 3 Jennifer Trask

    Is he a direct ancestor? Do you know about any DNA testing of the family?
    George was my 10th grandfather. My direct male lineage is also from Somersetshire. His family name was Trask.
    DNA is haplogroup R1b

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