Indish Family connection, from Poland by way of Michigan


I was just talking to an Indish relative via email, and it turns out she is my second cousin once removed. Her mom is a Teeple.

The Indish family is from Poland, and she says the original name was Indyk, meaning “turkey”.

Jerry Milo Johnson to Rebecca Indish Welton

Frederick O Teeple
Cora Ethel Teeple Wilson Teeple
F. Gerald Johnson Louise Teeple
Richard Johnson Rebecca Indish
Jerry Milo Johnson

I found one Indish headstone during my visit to Mt Joy Cemetery, for Matilda and Stanley Indish

Stanley’s father, Frank Indish, came to America from Poland around 1901, according to the 1930 Federal Census, and eventually settled in Michigan.

Rebecca married into the Welton family, and indicates they can trace the Weltons back to the 16th century. That should be fun.


One Response to “Indish Family connection, from Poland by way of Michigan”

  1. 1 Lisa Indish

    Becky Welton is my aunt, and her mom, my grandmother, is the Teeple!

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