Clarence E Mulford, writer and creator of Hopalong Cassidy


I was excited way back when to learn that my Johnsons were married to the Mulford family. Francis (Fanny) Johnson, my ggg aunt married William Ezekial Towner, and their daughter Florence Rose Towner married into the Mulford family.

I was hoping that this Mulford connection could lead me to Clarence E Mulford, author of the Bar 20 westerns, which featured Hopalong Cassidy. I enjoyed Louis L’Amour’s Hopalong books, which introduced me to the books by Mulford.

Bar 20

I finally tracked down this connection, but it is considerably more distant than I had hoped.

Among other literary gems, Mulford was the writer who coined the phrase “cut them off at the pass”.

Jerry Milo Johnson to Clarence E Mulford, writer and creator of Hopalong Cassidy


3 Responses to “Clarence E Mulford, writer and creator of Hopalong Cassidy”

  1. My husband and I are also trying to find the family tree for Clarence Edward Mulford, the author of Hop Along.. My husband is Charles Robert (Bob) Mulford,
    his father was Clarence LaMar Mulford, and his grandfather was Clarence Leon
    Mulford. Furman Mulford, one of Bob’s ancestors, came from illinois and settled in Utah.

    We have been told that there were two brothers-John and William Mulford that came from England, and these are supposedly two of Bob’s family ancestors.

    Any information would be truly appreciated. The Mulford genealogy that we have
    goes back to the 1600’s ( we will be glad to share)

    Elia Mulford

  2. 2 Darryn Mulford

    also trying to trace our family tree, Clarence Eric Mulford, father Harold Mulford, that’s where it stops, Was Harold…. Clarence E Mulfords Brother? as possible link as Clarence Cohansey Mulford was Harolds Father?

    • 3 Darryn Mulford

      sorry that was miss type….Eric Clarence Mulford…is correct .

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