Albert A Panknin and Anna Panknin in 1943


Phil Panknin was kind enough to share a photo of his grandparents.

This is a photo of my great grand-uncle Albert August Panknin (1891-1967) and his wife Anna Panknin (1890-1944). It was taken on September 14, 1943, the year before Anna died.

Albert was born in Merean Weide, Germany, but raised his family in Alpena Michigan.

Anna was born in Michigan, but I have few other details about her.

Phil also mentioned he has been talking to Dr. Dana Panknin, his cousin, who is still in contact with my grand uncle Delbert Panknin‘s kids.

How great is that?


9 Responses to “Albert A Panknin and Anna Panknin in 1943”

  1. 1 duane l. fitch

    my grandfather was spelled Albert Fredricht Pankonien and GM Elsie Pauline Saager and their parents were John Thomas Pankonien and Mary Pribbnow and their parents were Martin Pankonien and Ernestine Wegener…any possibble connections there…especially with the spelling..thank you… šŸ™‚

  2. I have a picture of Emma Panknin Trautmann. Fred & Alberts sister. Would you like it?

  3. 3 Delbert J Panknin

    im 1 of the grandsons to delbert panknin,keep up the good work

  4. 4 d mackey

    My mothers maiden name is Doris Panknin. My mother is from Alpena and Albert Panknin was my mothers uncle. We have a few pictures of the family. I sure do miss my grandmother May Panknin.

    • 5 William Gilbertson

      David if I remember correctly, I believe we were born a day apart in 1951.
      My mother was Norma Panknin Gilbertson.

      • 6 d mackey

        This is Donna, my brother is David. Your Mother was my Mothers sister. I too miss our Grandma Mae Panknin. I sometimes make her pineapple filled cookies.

      • My dad, Dick Johnson, would be your cousin as well. Your aunt Edith’s son. Thank you both so much for the comments here.

        I had missed Donna’s original post last fall, and am embarrassed to admit I didn’t recognize your last name when you signed up for an account.

        My apologies!

        Jerry Milo Johnson

  5. 8 Phil Panknin

    The Albert in the picture above was my grand-father. My father was also named Albert. It nice to see some of the names I remember as a child. My dad used to talk about fishing with his cousin Delbert.

  6. 9 William Gilbertson

    My mother was Norma Panknin Gilbertson, married to Gerald (Jerry) Gilbertson, all of Alpena, MI.
    Norma and Jerry had 5 children, Madeline, Robert (dec. 1999) Arlene, myself, and Gerry Ann.
    I stayed with my grandmother Mae Panknin in the summer of 1970 while working on the lake boats.
    Great memories.

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