Drawing a relationship chart showing how two people are related


I would love to create a chart to display how one person is related to another.

The problem with most versions I have seen is that the names make the chart way too wide, or force the chart to be in a horizontal format.

I want a one glimpse overview that shows me the relationship.

Here is the best example I have created. Placing your mouse over each icon displays the person’s name, and eventually will show their vital info and a link to their profile.

What do you think? Am I close?

If so, I will try to build a tng widget for WordPress and for tng.
Jerry Milo Johnson to General Zebulon Montgomery Pike

Jerry Milo Johnson to President William Henry Harrison

Jerry Milo Johnson to the “Doan Gang” outlaw Moses Doan


3 Responses to “Drawing a relationship chart showing how two people are related”

  1. Jerry Milo Johnson:

    This is very clever! I’m another TNG user, and hope you might be willing to share your code for this tool. Nice job!


  2. Nice idea, the first graphic would be just a recode of the relationship.php script. However, the 2nd and 3rd may take a lot more logic than you’re expecting. At least I couldn’t get something similar on my tree when it appeared more than one marriage was involved.

    Good Luck,

  3. 3 Jodi Sweere

    What an interesting project, Jerry. I’ll be watching to see how this developments.

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