Uncle Bill Johnson’s kids introduced themselves


A couple of Johnson cousins contacted me this week.

How exciting is that?

Susan A Johnson is my first cousin once removed, and Hilary Johnson is married to her brother Bill.

They are Bill Johnson‘s kids, from out Indiana way.

Although I hadn’t seen Bill for almost 20 years or so, I still remember their house in Mt Vernon from a visit in the 70s, and I remember going to a “pick your own” strawberry field with them.

It was my uncle Bill who took a group of us on a tour of Harrisville and Alcona County, and introduced me to my first taste of family history.

He took about 6 of us in an SUV (maybe my dad’s Toyota Forerunner?), and I wedged myself into the very back for the trip. He drove us around Black River, showed where the Johnson’s first came ashore from Canada, took us out to the old homestead, showed us the Johnson schoolhouse, the old stone church, pointed out the farms of lots of relatives, and took us to the Sturgeon Point lighthouse.

Somewhere I have a cassette tape I recorded during that drive. I haven’t seen it in a few years, and the audio quality was poor, but it was fascinating.

I hope I find it.


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