Four Roses – A photo collage


One of the photos aunt Clara had was a copy of a photo collage of four generations of mothers named Rose.

I believe that Rose Finley is actually the aunt of Mary Rose Finley, who came over to Leadville, Colorado from Ireland after the death of Mary Rose’s mother Rose (Graham) Finley to help raise Mary Rose. But that is purely a guess, since Mary Rose’s mother was also Rose Finley.

From “A Book In Progress” by Bertha Rose (White) Masters

Later, Phillip’s sister, Rose Finley, came from Ireland to assume care of my mother.

In the Spring, (of 1882), Aunt Rose Finley (her father’s sister) came to Colorado from Ireland to care for the child….When Mary was quite young her father suffered a stroke which paralyzed him and she was soon left with just her Aunt Rose.

Aunt Rose Finley, who was an only sister of Phillip.

I will ask Clara and others if they know for sure.

Rose Finley Mary Rose Finley White Bertha Rose (White) Masters Mary Rose Masters


One Response to “Four Roses – A photo collage”

  1. 1 Mildred Breon

    Aunt Rose Finley was a millinary and made hats . My Mother Bertha Rose White Masters played with the twenty dollar gold pieces that her Aunt Rose was paid with. That was told me . My name is Mildred J. Masters Breon.

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