Doan Gang story on History Detectives


The PBS show History Detectives just re-aired a story on a gun possibly tied to the Doan Gang, a Tory outlaw gang from the time of the American Revolution.

They are checking to see if a gun that the Bucks County Historical Society now owns once belonged to the Doan outlaws, as oral tradition suggests.

Doan Flintlock Gun

The gun was not 100% original, but parts were old enough to have been owned by the Doan gang, but there was no actual proof.

I was interested because I remember reading about the gang when I was looking up a Doan that touched my family tree.

William Titus Doan (1851-????) was my 2nd great grand uncle, who married Mary Ann Teeple (1854-1943)

From what I can tell (not positive, need to double check the information off the web) William Titus Doan was the 1st cousin 3 times removed from Moses Doan, the leader of the Doan Gang.

At best, not a close link, but interesting to me none the less.

Jerry Milo Johnson to the “Doan Gang” outlaw Moses Doan


5 Responses to “Doan Gang story on History Detectives”

  1. 1 Linda Badcock

    My great great great great grandfather was Aaron Doan who settled in Humberstone Township, Ontario. Recently the local branch of the United Empire Loyalist society designated the cemetery where he is buried as a Loyalist cemetery.

    I was amused to learn the reputation of my ancestors as my mother and grandfather (both Doans) were certainly law-abiding upright citizens.

  2. 2 Ted Steele

    Martha Doan was my GGG grandmother, and married Christian Steele. Aaron was my second cousin 6 times removed. The stories about the Doan outlaws is fantastic. There is a summer reunion in the works. We are related to most of Welland County!!

  3. 3 garnett

    Moses Doan was my gggggg grandpa.(to the 6th) Muriel Doan was my Grandma, out of Canada.

  4. 4 garnett

    I’m sorry it’s Joseph Doan Jr. that was my gggggg grandfather. Moses Doan’s brother!

  5. 5 chrisitne

    We are somehow related to the Doans and have a cookie jar that belonged to them.I would have to check with my mother as to the relation.

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