Photo of Herman Wyatt and Maggie Pike, David Dana and Eva (Pike) Masters, Cecil Dana Masters


While I was staying with my parents last week in Ridge Manor, Florida, my aunt Clara and cousin Ione visited for a few days.

I had never met Ione before, so that was a delight. I am always surprising at how quickly I feel comfortable with family, even though I have only known them for days.

To add to my joy, Clara brought with her a couple of old photo albums.

Amongst the photos was one of my great grandparents David Dana Masters and Eva (Pike) Masters. They are in the center.

The photo also has Eva’s brother Herman Wyatt Pike and his wife Maggie, on the left side.

And on the right is their son Cecil Dana Masters.

Very exciting.

I had no photos of them before this one, and did not know that Herman’s wife was named Maggie.

More of Clara’s photos to come (of other family, no more Pike or Masters photos)


2 Responses to “Photo of Herman Wyatt and Maggie Pike, David Dana and Eva (Pike) Masters, Cecil Dana Masters”

  1. Written on the back of the photo it says “Wife Maggie Pike”

    According to all the census and online sources I can find, Herman Wyatt was married to Blanche Lenore Garrett.

    They had a child named Madge Marie Pike.

    The problem I have is that label on the back. It has to be wrong. I am hoping that someone can help me figure out who is actually in the photo. Logic takes me part way, but I am still unsure. Any help greatly appreciated.

    The photo would have been taken before 1941, when my great grandmother died.
    Madge was born in 1904, so could only have been 37 at the oldest. I think the woman in the photo looks older than that.

    So I think that it has to be Blanche in the photo.

    Does anyone disagree?

    Is anyone directly related, or have other photos to compare to?

  2. 2 Linda Mockler

    I can’t really help you (except to agree that she does look older than 37), but I am hoping you can help me. There is a strong family resemblence between the woman in this photo and some of my Garrett family. Do you have any more info on this branch? Any thread would be interesting as my GGrandfather seems to have appeared from nowhere.

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