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Phil Panknin was kind enough to share a photo of his grandparents. This is a photo of my great grand-uncle Albert August Panknin (1891-1967) and his wife Anna Panknin (1890-1944). It was taken on September 14, 1943, the year before Anna died. Albert was born in Merean Weide, Germany, but raised his family in Alpena […]

I would love to create a chart to display how one person is related to another. The problem with most versions I have seen is that the names make the chart way too wide, or force the chart to be in a horizontal format. I want a one glimpse overview that shows me the relationship. […]

One of the photos aunt Clara had was a copy of a photo collage of four generations of mothers named Rose. Rose Finley, Mary Rose (Finley) White, Bertha Rose (White) Masters, Mary Rose Masters I believe that Rose Finley is actually the aunt of Mary Rose Finley, who came over to Leadville, Colorado from Ireland […]

A couple of Johnson cousins contacted me this week. How exciting is that? Susan A Johnson is my first cousin once removed, and Hilary Johnson is married to her brother Bill. They are Bill Johnson‘s kids, from out Indiana way. Although I hadn’t seen Bill for almost 20 years or so, I still remember their […]

The PBS show History Detectives just re-aired a story on a gun possibly tied to the Doan Gang, a Tory outlaw gang from the time of the American Revolution. They are checking to see if a gun that the Bucks County Historical Society now owns once belonged to the Doan outlaws, as oral tradition suggests. […]

While I was staying with my parents last week in Ridge Manor, Florida, my aunt Clara and cousin Ione visited for a few days. I had never met Ione before, so that was a delight. I am always surprising at how quickly I feel comfortable with family, even though I have only known them for […]