Agnes Barber, Mungo Yuill and the Yuill Family


Joe Chester, a relative of Agnes Barber, posted a message on my guestbook.

Thanks so much for your efforts. I located your project while looking for info on Agnes Barber, wife of Mungo Yuill. Agnes was 1st cousin to my grandmother Isabelle Barber. I have good solid sources on much of this Barber line as well as surnames Edgar and McCluskie(ey). Much of this family line traces to Alcona & Iosco counties with burials primarily in Mt. Joy, Springport and Pinecrest cemeteries.

He was kind enough to share his family gedcom file, which added 2000 new people to the tree, and filled in a lot of holes.

Lots of new information on the Barber family, and great detail on the Yuills.

Hopefully I can reciprocate with a nice gedcom in return.

Thanks Joe.

I still need to go back and find census and primary sources for all those people, but it is a really nice addition.


3 Responses to “Agnes Barber, Mungo Yuill and the Yuill Family”

  1. 1 duane mcmanus

    Nice to find some cousins, my connection is Isabella Headrick, and Eustache Barbary(hugh barber)

  2. 2 Jim Richards

    My Name is Jim Richards the son of Annabelle Barber and grandson of James Archy and Cora Mae (Hilliard) Barber. I have been researching the Barbers /Barbary dit Grandmaison since about 1952. I started when my mother received the family bible of James and Mary ann (Neil) Barber. They brought it with them when they immigrated to Harrisville, Michigan in 1880.

    I was fortunate enough to know both my grandfather, Jim Barber, and his sister Annie Nichol.

    Most of my records are now on paper as I lost my database(22,000 persons) earlier this year when I crashed a hard disk and a backup disk. I do have pictures of both Eustache, his wife Isabella and all but one of their children. These I received from a relative in Toronto several years ago. She was trying to complete a history of the Barber family. Since she was quite old at the time I am sure she has passed on.

    Also, I have a copy of the booklet for the Headrick Family reunion that occurred in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada several years ago. It has lots and lots of information on the Barbers and the Headricks. as well as other families.

    You will have to catch me as catch can since my wife and I travel quite a bit. We leave for Russia on October 9th.

    James J. Richards

  3. Jim,

    Wonderful to meet you.

    I totally understand about losing your data. My backup drive fried the day after I removed the primary copy from my laptop to make room for a project for my job, and I lost all of my research and photos in March.

    Fortunately, after moping for 5 months, I was able to get to my data by moving the bare drive to another enclosure, and now have 4 working copies at all times.

    I would love to exchange information, most of which comes from data shared by Joe Chester, a Barber descendant.

    And if there is anything I can do to help you restore your lost data (like data entry from paper), feel free to ask.

    I am incredibly jealous about your upcoming trip to Russia, but hope to talk before you leave.

    Thanks for the comment.

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