Frank White, my great great grandfather


Through census records, I think I have pieced together a more complete picture of Frank White.

From my grandmother’s book, A Book in Progress, I learned that his name was Franklin J White, and that his wife was Amelia (Rhodes) White, and that William (their son) was born in Colton, New York.

Frank White was born in Canada, and came to New York in 1863 (or 1870 depending on census info)In 1870 he was married to Hannah, who was born in Canada about 1851, and who was the mother of William and Charles, and they were living in Colton, New York.

Frank had at least one brother, Thomas, who was about 12 years younger, and was living with Frank and Amelia in New York in 1880 .

Amelia was Frank’s second wife, married to him before 1880, probably around 1876.

He worked in a livery stable, was a farmer, a bartender, and a hotel keeper.

He was listed as Frank, Frank W, and W S on the various census sheets, but I am confident it was the right person in each case.

Colton, St Lawrence County, New York 1870 Federal Census Fowler, St Lawrence County, New York 1880 Federal Census Ogdensburg, Saint Lawrence County, New York 1900 Federal Census Parishville, St Lawrence County, New York 1910 Federal Census

So, I found that my gggmother was Hannah, not Amelia, that I have a ggguncle Thomas, and a gguncle Charles.

Now that I have the information about Frank and Thomas and Hannah, I am hoping to trace them back a generation to Canada.


4 Responses to “Frank White, my great great grandfather”

  1. 1 florence

    WONDERFU. Jerry. Mom’s name was Bertha Rose Amelia White — Amelia being added at the time she was baptized in the Catholic faith. I always thought Amelia was gg. Also, are you now tying Rhodes and Graham into this? I am so happy you have gone this far!

  2. 2 Eric Boyer

    Hi Jerry. Thanks for the updates. I know this type of investigation can be time consuming so keeping us all in the loop is much appreciated.

  3. 3 Vicki Emanuel

    Hi Jerry! This is really interesting stuff! Thanks so much for sharing what you are finding!

  4. 4 Millie

    What a great find…I have tried in the past to make this connection…without any success..
    So..I am thrilled…
    Keep up the great work…I know how hard it is.

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