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Joe Chester, a relative of Agnes Barber, posted a message on my guestbook. Thanks so much for your efforts. I located your project while looking for info on Agnes Barber, wife of Mungo Yuill. Agnes was 1st cousin to my grandmother Isabelle Barber. I have good solid sources on much of this Barber line as […]

Through census records, I think I have pieced together a more complete picture of Frank White. From my grandmother’s book, A Book in Progress, I learned that his name was Franklin J White, and that his wife was Amelia (Rhodes) White, and that William (their son) was born in Colton, New York. Frank White was […]

Once again, I get to rejoice in the process of growing older. Had a great celebration on Saturday with my family (and got some _great_ loot). 42 seems impossible. I don’t feel like I am even close to halfway done. Yikes. Today’s Birthdays – December 03 1626 – Dayton, Ellen 2 1868 – Pike, James […]