Update to my genealogy book list, adding Massachusetts-specific books


These are books I’ve had for a while, but which I never cataloged.  If anyone needs lookups or scans from these or any books, just let me know. I have also added these books to my genealogy book catalog.  Table of contents and cover scans to follow.

Proceedings of the Bunker Hill Monument Association

  •     1898
  •     1901
  •     1902
  •     1903
  •     1904
  •     1906
  •     1908

Pilgrim Notes and Queries published by Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants

  •     Volume I 1913
  •     Volume II 1914
  •     Volume III 1915
  •     Volume V 1917

Massachusetts Legal History, A Journal of the Supreme Judicial Court Historical Society

  •     Volume 1, 1995
  •     Volume 2, 1996
  •     Volume 3, 1997
  •     Volume 4, 1998

Misc Books

  • Epitaphs from Burial Hill, Plymouth Mass by Bradford Kingman, 1892
  • Latin School Register, 1931, Class Day Issue, Volume L Number 7 (Gabriel G Ryan ’31)
  • The Independents of Massachusetts in 1884 by Raymond L Bridgeman, 1885 (George R Blinn Harvard ’85)
  • Officials And Employees, City of Boston and County of Suffolk, with their residences, compensation, etc 1906
  • Vital Records of Sturbridge, Massachusetts to the year 1850, 1906
  • Fifth Report of the Record Commissioners 1880 Second Edition, 1884 (Boston)

State Street Trust Company

  •     Leaves from the Log of The State Street Trust Company (cloth cover)
  •     Boston – One Hundred Years – A City 1822-1922, 1922
  •     Boston and Some Noted Emigres  by Allan Forbes and Paul F Cadmam, 1938
  •     Taverns and Stagecoaches of New England, by Allan Forbes 1953
  •     Taverns and Stagecoaches of New England Volume II by Allan Forbes and Ralph M Eastman, 1954

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