Henrietta Shaw, but not from my Shaws


Last year, in early December, I found a book in the dollar bin at the Brattle Book Store. I noticed that there was a name written neatly in the front of the book, Henrietta Shaw, March 1909. Knowing that the book was headed for the dumpster as its very next stop, I “rescued” it, and thought try to find a descendant of Henrietta that might want the book. I figured the date of 1909 and the fact it was found in a bookstore in Boston, MA might be enough for someone to recognize her name.

So I posted to the genealogy.com Shaw family forum, offering the book up to a relative.

Here is the cover and Henrietta’s name.

Today, I heard from a Susan Shaw, who thinks Henrietta might be a relative. Here is hoping she would like the book.


2 Responses to “Henrietta Shaw, but not from my Shaws”

  1. I just started looking for my ancestors and I have a long way to go. This may be my great-grandmother or her daughter. Both were named Henrietta. At the time of death, both resided in Washington DC.

  2. Additional: They did live in Boston before migrating to Washington, DC. The daughter was the sister of my grandfather, Frank Shaw. They were considered mulatto.

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