Dad’s Panknin family watch


One of my favorite old family items is the huge watch Dad has that was passed down from his mother.

The story relayed to me is that is was owned by Frederick Earnest Panknin (my ggfather), and is well over a hundred years old. It is referred to as a “railroad watch”. How and where did he get it? How old is it?

The watch is about 3.5 inches across, and is just gorgeous. The sound of the bell is also a really nice chime.

Currently, there is a chip in the crystal face, but I hope that we can get that repaired soon.


Face: 8 Days 1/4 Repeater

Inside cover, stamped: 157405 49P

2 covers in, stamped: 157405 49P
On the works, stamped: SWISS, a cross, 7032, RS AF

The 8 days on the face indicate the watch will run for 8 days without winding.

The 1/4 repeater (quarter repeater) indicates it will chime the hour, followed by the number of quarter-hour intervals at the current time. (example:  3:25 would have three chimes for the hours, then one chime for passing the first quarter-hour.)


2 Responses to “Dad’s Panknin family watch”

  1. This is a very fine watch, but not a railroad watch. The dial is very much like the railroad watches, but the movement is not. Railroad approved watches had firm specifications as to the dial appearance and movement design. Seventeen jewels were the minimum along with position and temp adjustments. They were also lever set to avoid accidently setting the watch while winding.

  2. 2 Philip A Panknin

    Still find this interesting, no information on the watch, but Frederick was my grandfathers brother. I have an Aunt in Alpena who probably know some of the info on the watch as to railroad or not as her father was a railroad person and was about the same age as Frederick.

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