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Marci Zemke, a descendant of William H Van Alstine posted a comment on the guestbook today, looking for some help connecting her kids to their paternal tree. Well, her tree definitely matches mine. While looking through old emails, I realized I had been talking to a descendant of the Van Alstines last summer. Melanie Phillips, […]

Lizzie Milligan’s maiden name was London, so Bill Milligan and I have been pursuing the London family. Mary (London) Milligan obit Frank Milligan obit Veterans in Alcona Cemeteries (John J London) As well as additional details for the families of Aaron London and John J London

Got an email tonight from Bill Milligan, who found a reply I made back in January on the Milligan forum. The topic was Wilson Milligan. With the new information Bill had, I was able to add another two dozen Milligans to the tree, and added a number of supporting documents for them all. Update: […]

Olive (Bean) Streeter, a Byce relative, posted a message on my guestbook back in October. I finally got around to adding the information she provided, and also added a couple dozen new people to my tree. The top of the tree starts at Stephen Byce, and comes forward through the 1930 census. (census thumbs to […]

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I was lucky enough to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with my mother and my sister’s family down in Connecticut. There is nothing better than being surrounded by good people when wallowing in tryptophan poisoning and Guitar Hero III. Here is an old charcoal I drew in 7th grade, currently stashed […]

Here are the non-Massachusetts genealogy books I have accumulated. Again, if anyone needs a lookup or wants a page or two scanned, just let me know. The full list can be found on my genealogy book catalog. The New England Quarterly, A Historical Review of New England Life and Letters March 1987 March 1990 March […]

One of my favorite old family items is the huge watch Dad has that was passed down from his mother. The story relayed to me is that is was owned by Frederick Earnest Panknin (my ggfather), and is well over a hundred years old. It is referred to as a “railroad watch”. How and where […]