Please talk to me! (Again)


So I have a horrible problem with form spam. The guestbook gets hundreds of spam messages left each day. There are techniques to prevent this, but I haven’t had the time lately (as evidenced by my lack of updates).

Unfortunately, while cleaning the spam out, I just deleted a message from a REAL LIVE RELATIVE, and I didn’t get a chance to read it first.

If you left a message in the last couple of days on the guestbook, please contact me again.

And I _will_ get the site upgraded soon. I am adding a blog, a forum, and the ability for guests to add comments (with good spam protection)


One Response to “Please talk to me! (Again)”

  1. 1 Philip A Panknin

    I’m not sure if my comment was deleted or not, but I didn’t see it in the quest book, so I’ll restate. I am the son Of Albert J Panknin, born 1924 died 1969 to Albert August Panknin, (my grandfather) born 1891 died 1967, which was the son of William Panknin. Albert A Pankin, (my grandfather) was a brother to Frederick, Edith and Emma, one of which is, I think your great grand parent. I have some information that will help you complete at least this side of the tree and would love whatever information you may have to assist me.

    Albert was married to Anna, died 1944, born actually in 1890
    They had 5 children:
    Irwin Panknin 1912 – 1992
    Mildred Panknin 1915-2000
    Warren A Panknin 1917-1974
    Donald Panknin 1921-2001
    Albert J Panknin 1924-1969

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