Back from the family reunion. Long time, no updates


I’ve been so busy at work and with life that I have not posted anything new in a few weeks. But tonight I just got a wonderful letter from a relative descended from George Amesbury, and it flamed my passion. So expect some new items each week for now. While I was back in Michigan in July, I met a number of relatives in person, took photos of most every headstone in Mt Joy and Westlawn, got hundreds more old family photos, and brought home about 350 lbs of documents collected by my great-grandfather, Milo Napier Johnson. Things like Christmas cards, personal letters, business documents, receipts and his personal finance records. Also a scrapbook he started of family clippings from 1929 through 1968 (and every newspaper from 1969 through 1974 that he never got to). And some really neat items like a signature book of Annie Johnson Goodsell‘s from 1882 and a charcoal portrait of Jane Mary Storey. Great stuff.

If you want to see more updates more often, let me know. Feedback makes all the difference.


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