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Site redesign, new pages, new sections. Advertisements

Hooked 500 images from photo albums to family tree records, 4051 individuals in tree.

Met and exchanged emails with Robert Frei, who I think might be related through the mabees?

Met and exchanged emails with Bob Ferrett and Don Ferrett, related through the Hastings. They sent a great picture of Robert and Mary Ann Hastings at their log cabin, with information about where the farm was. Great stuff. Still hoping to get permissions to post that image. UPDATE: Got permission!

Family Tree, second attempt I installed a new program to display the family tree. It is called TNG, and looks incredible. Rather than creating thousands of static htm pages to show the genealogy information, it uses php and a database to draw them dynamically. I originally bought it JUST to steal the icons, and to […]

Pike Family Reunion in Colorado Got an email from my Mom that there is a huge 250th celebration by the Pike Family out in Colorado this summer. I would absolutely love to get out there for this.

I wanted to create a list of all of our surnames, so using Legacy software, generated thisĀ  surname list of people on the site