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Grandma White


Grandma White Start of a photo album of Masters side of the family Advertisements

Julie’s collection Photos of Julie’s life and times

She gave permission to post the rest of her Portrait of a Brother, and mentioned that Bob has about 10 pounds of family history documents from Hastings and Kenneth Conklin. That alone is enough reason to make the 4th of July reunion.

Met and exchanged emails with Jackie Towner. She is related through William E Towner. Also met Pat Holling, who is related to Towners, but maybe not ours.

New photo album from Milo Johnson house. The start of the second photo album from Milo Johnson house in Harrisville. Johnsons, Towners, Mulfords so far.

Family tree


Family tree The first crack at a family tree. Mostly based on Milo’s work, and Susan Quinn’s work.

Maps and Land Records and Houses A collection of maps, land records, house descriptions and house photos. This page is a work in progress, and will get updated as new materials come available.